Canyon Winch Bumper

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9-13-22  After waiting for steel prices to drop to a more normal level they finally have!  We have bumpers in the works and will update with an estimated ship date when we have a better idea. 


Midwest Overland Industries GMC Canyon winch bumper insert replaces the factory black plastic "skid plate" with real skid plate protection, winch mount, and heavy duty recovery points. As with all Midwest Overland Industries products looking good has just as much importance as doing the job it's designed to do.  This insert requires no cutting, drilling or modifying of any kind.  With exterior skid protection of 3/16" thick, 1/4" for structural and 3/4" recovery points it will stand up to all kinds of abuse. The Smittybilt X20 series is the winch of choice for this bumper but with a width of 28" from side to side many other winches should fit.  For those running aftermarket skid plates, it's designed to overlay on top of a 3/16" plate at the radiator support extending protection to the very front of the truck. The bumper will come as raw metal for the base price.  A high quality 3 coat powder finish is available.  This coating system is more then you typically find on after market parts and is designed to protect the bumper for years to come. If the skid plate is to be used heavily in rocky areas it's recommended that the exterior be finished with a user applied paint that makes it easy to  touch up the scrapes and scratches. Shipping included to the lower 48.  Please contact us for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. 


  • Weighs in at 76lbs - 140lbs total with a Smittybilt X20 using synthetic rope
  • Tab and slot construction for superior strength and ease of manufacturing
  • Through welded recovery points that tie directly to factory recovery points
  • Single piece formed front for added strength
  • 10 mounting points including the factory tow points
  • Near vertical fairlead angle for reduced rope tension and wear
  • Retains factory sized opening for airflow to the radiator 
  • Easily add off-road lights if max towing is not a concern
  • FaroArm checked for superior fitment
  • Fits 2015-2020 GMC Canyon


Powder Coat
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90.00 LBS


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2019 GMC Canyon Winch Bumper
Written by Josh Erick on Aug 6th 2019

Fit and finish are amazing - and the quality of the welds is top notch. Installation is easy, and it fits perfectly in place. I opted for the black powder coat - and it is actually quite a bit more rugged/tough than I would expect powder coat to be (awesome). If I was going to offer any constructive feedback, I would include some method to mount the bumper plastic to the sides of the bumper to eliminate the gap. The gap is small (approx 3/16") - but it could be eliminated with some extra clips / fasteners / weatherstripping.

Canyon Winch Bumper Insert
Written by Curtiss on Nov 1st 2017

Awesome product that allows you to retain the factory look of your truck while giving you the advantage of having a winch and additional protection for the front of your truck. I thought I "knew it all" when it came to installing this but make sure you read through the included instructions. There's a tip in there that makes installing this product, even solo like I did a piece of cake. I modified mine by drilling a couple of holes to mount some small off road lights that fit in the gap between the bumper and fascia. Easy to do and worked out great. I remounted my temp sensor just to the right of my winch control box with a couple of zip ties through the plastic square grate behind the winch. This also worked out great and looks good. Can't say enough good things about the fit and finish. Bolted up no problem because everything fit just right.

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